Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Sunset Boulevard

Talk, Talk and then talk a little more. Never stop talking about yourself.

You dont have a job, talk. You are in debt, keep talking. An old, delusional, suicidal woman's chimp dies and she keeps you as a replacement, please talk away. Even if you are DEAD, don't let that stop you from talking!

But this movie is not all about a man talking about his life (or his death). This movie is actually about ghosts! How the ghost of bad scripts looms over a wannabe Hollywood script writer. How the ghost of long gone stardom looms over an old silent movie actress. And how seeing that psychotic ghost of his ex-wife-cum-employer turns a director a bit crazy too.

So for the three ghosts we present you with three Oscars !!!

The movie should be named "How *Talking* movies KILLED me!!". Takies killed the silent movie starlet, and all the talking in the movie killed me!

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