Sunday, March 13, 2005

Some Sommon Questions (Part-I)

(Adventures of Gopusingh and Damrulal)

Gopusingh: What is reason?
Damrulal: That which explains some phenomenon

GopuSingh: Are all phenomena explainable by reason?
Damrulal: No

Gopusingh: What phenomena are not explainable by reason?
(1)Supernatural: Ghosts, witches, Magic
(2)Occurrence of incidents: Why at any point of time and space, a certain event happens and not any other?
(3)Fundamentals: The why of life, the why of Universe
(4)Reason can explain things only to a certain limit. As we try to inquire more and more, reason fails.

Gopusingh: Why can’t such phenomena be explainable by reason?
Damrulal: Limitation of reason

Gopusingh: Is there any other means to explain such phenomena?
Damrulal: None that I know of.

Gopusingh: Can there be a way to explain such phenomena?
Damrulal: Cannot say

Gopusingh: What if a way is found to explain such phenomena? What will happen?
Damrulal: Our knowledge will increase and we will have greater control over things.

Gopusingh: Do we need such a thing?
Damrulal: Question is: Is it good to know the truth?

Gopusingh: What is good?
Damrulal: Good is a matter of personal choice. What is good to me may or may not be good to you!

Gopusingh: So the question : "Is it good to know the truth" becomes a personal question, right?
Damrulal: Right

Gopusingh: So it depends on individuals whether they want to pursue or know the truth?
Damrulal: Absolutely

Gopusingh: But if individuals did not pursue the truth, we would still be living in caves!
Damrulal: We would be.

Gopusingh: So was it good to live in caves?
Damrulal: Personal question.

Gopusingh: What is the significance of good?
Damrulal: An action or an object is said to be good if a person likes it.

Gopusingh: What is "like"?
Damrulal: A single word for a positive impression on brains.

Gopusingh: But there are things you often talk of that are good but you don’t like doing them.
Damrulal: Right.

Gopusingh: So "an action or object is said to be good if a person likes it" is an incorrect statement, right?
Damrulal: Right.

Gopusingh: What is a correct statement?
Damrulal: That which tells the truth.

Gopusingh: What is truth?
Damrulal: Fact and its explanation.

Gopusingh: What is a fact?
Damrulal: A correct phenomenon.

Gopusingh: What is correct?
Damrulal: Fact-truth-correct: all mean the same thing.

Gopusingh: Interesting. What do they mean?
Damrulal: (Long pause)

Gopusingh: So you don’t know what is a correct statement, because you don’t know what is truth?
Damrulal: You said a correct statement.


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