Monday, April 04, 2005

Jim Corbett's Jungle Lore - I

Jim Corbett is one of my all-time-favorite authors. I have read all his books, but the one I love the most is ‘Jungle Lore’. I have the first Indian edition of the book. It belonged to my dad who bought it in 1971 for 2.50 Rupees (which is roughly 5 cents)!

Corbett loved the jungle. He is considered the greatest tiger hunter India ever knew, and the reason he was so successful was not only because he knew the Kumaon jungle like the back of his hand, but also because he understood the jungle. He could understand the sounds the animals and jungle made, and himself make those sounds with great accuracy. He could look at the pug marks of animals on a mud path and tell a whole story of what happened there that morning. He had a sixth sense of jungle which he called his "jungle sensitiveness".

This is my 6 part tribute the man, in which I am going to quote a few sections from the book.

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