Monday, April 04, 2005

Jim Corbett's Jungle Lore - III

The vastness of Corbett's knowledge of the jungle is illustrated in this narration.

“The method employed by otters in killing python, and also crocodiles, for sport – for I have never known of their using either of these reptile for food – is to approach, one on either side of the intended victim. When the python or crocodile turns its head to defend itself against the attack of, say, the otter on the right, the otter on the left jumps in – otter are very agile – and takes a bite at the victim’s neck as close to its head as possible. Then when the victim turns and tries to defend itself against its assailant on the left the one on the right jumps in and takes a bite. In this way, biting alternately and a little at a time, the neck of the victim is bitten away right down to the bone before it is dispatched, for both python and crocodiles are very tenacious of life.”

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